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0.83sSo I left.
1.12sHow could you do that?
4.12sIf you think that I'm gonna masturbate after this tonight, you're right.
1.75sWe don't have to sit here and listen to this.
1.63sCome on, Kevin, let's get out of here.
1.83sNice try, skank. Worth a shot.
2.27sWell, where did you go after you left the war?
1.89sI spent a few years laying low.
1.8sWrote some poems. You want to hear some?
1.92sNo. Are you sure? They're pretty intense.
0.83sALL: No.
1.17sHere, let me just read one.
2.09sIf I can guess a line in there, will you not read it?
1.7sI don't think you'll be able to guess a line.
3.52sIs it something like, "Ice burns as hot as fire"?
3.77sOkay, so then I went to Europe, Australia, Canada, all over.
1.63sBut I really missed you guys.
1.95sI wanted to be with people who love me,
2.07sno matter what. So I came home.
3.92sWell, it sounds to me like you're a regular Benedict Arnold Drummond.