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2.14sPeter, I think you may have had one too many.
1.67sMaybe it's time to ease off, huh?
1.48sWhat are you talking about, Lois?
3.17sDads getting drunk on Thanksgiving is a holiday tradition.
8.42s(SLURRING) I work hard to put a cornucopia on this table and you're out showing your lower ankle to every Tom, Tom and other Tom in our village!
1.93sDon't talk to mother in like fashion!
2.18sThat's it. The belt is coming off.
3.72sAll right, son. Let's put these bozos in a hurt locker. Right?
3.47s'Cause "hurt locker" means some kind of war hero thing, or something.
3.15sPfft. My friends and I used to laugh about how fake that movie is.
2.59sBut... Well, wait, I...
3.47sI'm pretty sure that movie came out after you went into your coma.
2.72sRight, no, no... Uh. I was talking about a different movie.
1.65sLet's play ball!
2sYeah, let's play ball.
1.57sPETER: Ow!
3.64sThe world has changed around me and I'm mad and scared!