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1.33sHappy Turkey Day, Quahog.
2.84sThis is Tom Tucker and Joyce Kinney live at the parade.
1.92sWe've got some on-and-off drizzle here today,
1.57sand we're a little wet, as you can see,
3.6sbecause, apparently, there are no awnings that exist anywhere.
1.4sThere's your top news story right there.
2.87sMysterious awning shortage ravages the Northeast,
3.47sbut miraculously has not affected Channels 2 or 6.
2.55sNo, no. Keep the camera over there. I want everyone to see it.
1.8sTOM: This is why we're third.
2.18sAnd here comes our first float of the day, Tom.
3.8sIt's the James Woods High football team with their "Not Gay Revue."
1.98sWe just won the big game
2.97sWe just won the big game
2.95sWe drilled 'em and banged 'em and plowed 'em a lot