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2.04sYou can't pick me. I'm a captain.
3.17sNo one had ever stood up to me like that before.
1.9sI respected him from there on out.
3.15sThat's a great story, Grandpa. I didn't like it.
4.37sNone of my grandchildren had ever disliked one of my stories before.
2.17sFrom then on, he was my favorite.
2.54sWell, I don't like that story, Great Grandpa.
4.2s(KID SCREAMING) Future old people are wizards.
5.62s(SLURRING) Okay, so here's the game. I'm... I'm drunk and I'm gonna throw the football too hard at my kids.
2.2sOh, Dad, do we have to... Ow!
3.54sDon't cry! Don't cry! Game's over if you cry.
2.42s(SLURRING) I want you to learn about life, Chris,
3.47s'cause of, in life it's like this.
2.14sPeter, I think you may have had one too many.
1.67sMaybe it's time to ease off, huh?