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2.07sYou know what? Send one to my parents, too.
2.9sI spent five years in a Kuwait military hospital.
3.1sI woke up from the coma last week and I flew straight here.
1.82sKind of a Thanksgiving surprise.
2.92sHey, when you get sexually abused while you're in a coma,
2.62sdo you know it's happening and just can't do anything about it?
1.87sOr do you not even know what's going on?
1.63sI also am curious about that.
2.9sHey, Kevin, you know I put a yellow ribbon on my car for you guys?
2.74sAnd a little thing that says, "I support the troops."
2.67s'Cause there's nothing I wouldn't do for you guys.
2.1sBut I don't have any change on me right now.
2.67sWell, all that matters is that my boy is home.
3.07sKevin, I want you to meet your little sister, Susie.
1.75sWow. Hey, little sis.
2.03sI guess we got some catching up to do, huh?
2.69sHope you don't get scared when I scream and have night terrors.
2.27sPATRICK STEWART'S VOICE: It's quite all right. I've seen worse.
5.94s(WOMAN ON TV SCREAMING) PATRICK STEWART'S VOICE: A human centipede. How ghastly!
3.57sYour mother and I are very proud of you, Kevin. You're a war hero.
1.35sI don't feel like a war hero.