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1.65sYou know what, everyone? Forget it.
2.79sUp till today, you guys thought I was dead. Well, I'm not.
2.84sBut after all this, Dad, you may as well take me to prison,
2.24s'cause right now I wish I was dead.
3sIf anyone has wanted whip cream on their pie, it's not my fault.
2.47sI can't get a fucking word in edgewise around here.
2.65sKevin, I don't want to lose you again.
2.47sBut I do have a job to do. So get moving.
3.32s'Cause there's at least one Swanson man in this room who does his duty.
1.33sDoodie means poop. It does.
2.9sAre you, Dad? Are you the only one who does his duty?
1.3sThat's not how I remember it.
1.27sWhat are you talking about?
1.23sYou don't remember, do you?
1.83sI was in first grade.
2.05sYou took me out with you on one of your shifts.
1.97sI just think it's presumptuous. I mean,
2scome on, "The country's best yogurt"?
2.33sYou know, prove it. Show me your data.
1.12sMAN: Help! Police!
1.73sThat man's a thief!
1.42sGo get him, Dad!