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2.1ssnuff boxes and cameos are yours.
1.8sNow, as for wands and scepters--
2.87s- It's a bottle cap. - jewel-encrusted?
3.94sHey, Homer, see you at Moe's? He put new electrical tape on the cushions.
3.8sSorry, guys. Marge and I are spending the weekend at a bed-and-breakfast.
0.4sOh, trying to jump-start the old marriage, huh?
3.2sCan I come?
3.3sNah, it'd just be awkward, what with the sex and all.
3.67sYeah, I always figured Marge would be a dynamo in the sack, you know?
2.97sOh, boy, she's got legs from here to ya-ya!
3.2sHow do you do, ma'am? Hope this evening finds you well.
2.74sOh, knock it off, you perverts.
3.67sNow they did say bed and breakfast, right?
2.74sOh, isn't it romantic?
3.4sDoilies and cozies as far as the eye can see.
2.7sIf there's anything more exquisite...
2.8sthan Queen Anne's lace, I haven't found it.
0.67sBig enough for two.