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1.85sIt's all coming together now.
3.89sI must say this opens my eyes.
3.14sAnother case closed, my dear Watson.
1.27sMorgan, come back.
1.77sHe's stuck in a loop.
2.47sFor I was blind but now I see.
2.37sThe cat's out of the bag now.
1.82sMr. Bender, about last night--
2.6sThat was just a... a misunderstanding.
1.3sOh, you didn't understand?
1.3sWell, let me explain.
2.22sYou were having sex with you.
3.94sNo, you see, a bureaucrat of my rank isn't supposed to fraternize.
1.82sThat's what makes it so juicy.
2.52sIt's a forbidden fruit angle everybody loves.
4.14sFirst I'll say, "You'll never guess who saw Fry and Morgan doing it."
1.95sAnd they'll say, "Who, Bender, who?"
1.23sAnd I'll say...
4.3s"It was lovable old Bender."
1.33sHey, what did you do to him?
1.33sI downloaded his brain.
2.32sEverything that is Bender is right here.