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1.33sShe scolded and hit me.
3.37sI tell you, she's risking my friendship with her.
1.87sBender! What happened to you?
2sMorgan made me walk the professor.
4.57sThere we were in the park when suddenly, some old lady says I stole her purse.
5.94sI chucked the professor at her but she kept coming, so I had to hit her with this purse I found.
2.6sAh, the point is, it's Morgan's fault.
1.75sThat pencil-pushing Scaz-Wag.
2.54sWhy, if she were here, I'd--
1.85sUh-oh. Is she behind me?
1.13sNo, I'm in front of you.
4.24sMorgan? It's 3:00 a.m.
0.95sI know.
3.77sA skunk knocked over my garbage and suddenly, all I could think of was you.
1.2sMy God.
4.37sIt's so... repulsive.