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1.7sIf anyone asks, I'll deny it.
2.35sjust like every other girl I've dated.
5.47sAnd two, and three and four, and, come on, work those arms.
4.27sThis is no spa. It's a forced labor camp.
1.22sCurse that Dr. Zoidberg.
4.89sIf I get out of here he'll be looking down the business end of a shrimp fork.
1.53sGive him one for me, too, mate.
1.68sI don't know why I go to him.
1.6sI don't miss twice, campers.
5.46sAnd for those 6½ reasons I am demoting Leela to copilot.
2.24s"Copilot"? Under who?
0.65sThe autopilot.
1.3sThat drunk?
5sMr. Bender, you are now in charge of coordinating the professor's bodily functions.
2.1sThat's a full-time job.
3.29sAnd, Fry, as for you I am promoting you to executive delivery boy.