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3.92sSee, it used to be milk and, well, time makes fools of us all.
1.23sYou are all dismissed.
2.04sFry, I will speak to you alone.
2.1sUh, wait. This is the other Fry's locker.
1.07sI'm Fry with a P-H.
2.1sAdmit it, Fry, you're a slob.
4.4sA dirty, filthy slob.
2.74sDirty boy! Dirty, dirty, dirty!
1.37sWhat the hell's going on?
2.89sI thought you were anti-dirty, not pro-dirty.
2.03sI'm surrounded by neat freaks every day.
3.95sThere's nothing kinkier to me than a filthy slop jock like you.
1sOh, stop.
3sNow listen, you filthy pig no one can know about us.
1.7sIf anyone asks, I'll deny it.