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1.63sSpa Five? Is it good?
1.12sOh, it's wonderful.
6.14sI don't know anything about it but they give me a bucket of krill for every patient I send.
3.27sNaturally, I'll have to assign a bureaucrat to fill in for Hermes while he's away.
1.53sI assign me. I accept.
1.13sWelcome aboard.
4.3sThen it's settled. Hermes will relax and Zoidberg will eat. Hurrah!
1.75sI've been reviewing your corporate records.
3.94sRegarding last Monday's delivery why did it take twice as long as scheduled?
1.69sFry got his head stuck in a crater.
1.92sI thought it would fit.
4.74sAnd during this period of head-crater interaction what were you doing?
2.28sMartini drinking contest with the autopilot.
2.84sI would have had him this time, but we ran out of olives.
1sI can explain.
3.64sYou really think you can explain how you left port without a full complement of olives?
1.07sI think not.
1.6sWhat is this, high school?
1.2sLocker check.
2.3sWhy isn't this jacket in alphabetical order?