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1.58sThis way, please.
2.69sGeez, Hermes, you seem awfully calm about this.
1sDon't worry.
1.48sI have a plan.
1.48sI'm going to jump!
0.98s- No! - No!
1.37sDo a flip!
1.33sDon't do it, Hermes!
2.14sYou have so much to live for!
1.93sI get it. Reverse psychology.
2.54sPlease, old friend, don't jump.
2.74sUse another method that won't damage your liver.
2.9sOther people need it, you know.
2.24sHusband, no!
1.2sOut of my way, wife!
3.2sI wasn't cut out to be a bureaucrat anyway.
2.67sI'm only anal 78.36% of the time.
5.24sI'm not worthy to stamp a form so I'll stamp the pavement with my flabby body.
9.38sBureaucrat Conrad if you complete your death transaction without filing a suicide and/or falling accident permit you will be posthumously demoted.
2.25sLife, death--
4.07sEither way I'm demoted to a tiny cubicle.