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0.93sIt doesn't matter
1.75show many human females you have.
1.17sBender's on a hot streak.
1.73sWhat can I say?
0.97sMust be my lucky shades.
2.12sNothing. Nothing.
2.52sCrap. Crap. Garbage.
2.6sRead 'em and leak saltwater.
1.63sMy baby's milk money!
1.33sOh, I am broke.
1.72sWhat will I tell my horrible wife?
5.02sIf I were you I'd be more worried about that tapeworm going to town on your intestines.
4.37sLet me see those glasses.
2.09sUh... uh...
3.14sOh, my various gods, X-ray specs!
3.45sGuys, uh, I swear those are prescription.
1.5sI need them for reading stuff...
1.74son the other side of stuff.
0.88sYou cheater.
1.37sBreak his neck!
1.18sNo, don't hurt him.