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2sA glass of warm milk and a good night's sleep.
3.25sJamaican? I thought you were some kind of outer space potato man.
2.45sAh, that must be my old boss.
2.1sHello, Leela. You're fired.
0.83sI know.
4.54sI'm sorry, but it's just that you're over a year late for work at this point.
1.63sLet the games begin!
5.12sSo I told Leela "Your request for a date is most flattering "but I must decline.
2.29s"These office romances never work out.
3.34sAfter all, that is how I met my horrible wife."
1.87sThat's a good one.
1.58sBut you never wore your ring.
1.6sI didn't know you had a wife.
2sAnd my wife doesn't know I have a job.
2.67sI keep my personal and professional life separate.