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0.93sWay to go.
1.38sCongratulations indeed.
2.77sBut you finished with two seconds to spare so I'm demoting you.
2.17sA good bureaucrat never finishes early.
1.33sThat's okay, Hermes.
1.67sAt least we have you back.
1.67sNot yet, you don't.
4.44sI'm still acting bureaucrat of Planet Express and I have some changes to make.
1.73sFirst, Fry, you're fired.
0.95sNot so fast.
4.8sWhile I was sorting I came upon a certain document filed by one Morgan Proctor.
1.18sForm "B."
2.85sNotification of romantic entanglement.
1.9sThat's right. She fraternized me.
1.35sThat form isn't about you.
2.17sIt refers to my high school prom date.
3.64sIt was a regulation date that ended in regulation disappointment.
3.64sYes, but you only stamped it four times.
1.22sNo, no.
1.97sI was young and reckless.
2.97sBureaucrat Conrad, you are technically correct.
1.67sThe best kind of correct.
2.9sI hereby promote you to grade 37.
1.25sAnd as for you.
4.2sBring me the forms I need to fill out to have her taken away.