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1.83sWe kept it gray.
1.18sSir, please.
2.9sI must locate the disk with my friend's brain on it.
0.95sVery well.
7.04sBut your bureaucratic license will be revoked if you fail to sort the master in-pile by closing time.
1.3s1:00 p.m.
2.84sThat's only four minutes from now.
2.18sRequisition me a beat.
3.14sWhen I was four there was a hurricane in Kingston Town
1.87sWith a foot and a half of water
2.7sEveryone was all right, but I cried all night
2.12sit blew my alphabet blocks out of order
2.75sAnd they said this boy's born to be a bureaucrat
2.77sBorn to be all obsessive and snotty
1.94sI made my friends and relations
1.37sFile long applications
2.15sTo get into my tenth birthday party
2.87sBut something changed when my man turned pro