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2.1sDamn it, Hermes, just jump already.
1.95sStop hogging that healthy liver.
1.3sNo, I want to live.
4.82sOrganizing that forced-labor spa rekindled my lifelong love of bureaucracy.
8.89sMy Hermes got that hellhole running so efficiently that all the physical labor is now done by a single Australian man.
1.4sBut how did you know we were here?
1.18sDr. Zoidberg brought us.
1.18sIt was me.
1.75sI'm the hero.
3.44sRequest for explanation of incident meeting.
2.03sNumber one point zero.
2.2sNumber one point zero.
4.62sI hereby petition you for an emergency sort-and-file under regulation two-point...
1.88sDon't quote me regulations.
8.17sI co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the color of the book that regulation's in.