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2.74swould you help us get Bender back for old times' sake?
3.14sI'm afraid he's lost in the master in-pile.
4.79sAnd it would take some sort of giant mechanical atomic-powered sorting machine to find him.
1.3sYou rang?
2.1sDamn it, Hermes, just jump already.
1.95sStop hogging that healthy liver.
1.3sNo, I want to live.
4.82sOrganizing that forced-labor spa rekindled my lifelong love of bureaucracy.
8.89sMy Hermes got that hellhole running so efficiently that all the physical labor is now done by a single Australian man.
1.4sBut how did you know we were here?
1.18sDr. Zoidberg brought us.
1.18sIt was me.
1.75sI'm the hero.