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1.93sHo-ho ! Got him !
2sHello, Cook ? Sorry to bother you so late,
2.14sbut I got a hankering for some--
2.18sThat's right. Don't forget the applesauce.
2.64sOkay, Homer, pick out any one you want.
2.34sAre you sure you want to give me a car ?
2.64sHey, you know what these things cost me ?
2.64sThere's maybe forty bucks worth of steel in 'em.
3.49sOh, okay. I'd like a big one then.
0.24sWe don't have a big one.
1.55sWhy not ?
2.17sBecause Americans don't want big cars.
1.93sWell, then give me one with lots of pep.
0.39sSorry, our cars don't have pep.
2.05sWhy not ?
2.7sBecause Americans want good mileage, not pep.
2.18sHomer, tell the nice man...
0.3swhat country you come from.
3.57sDo you hear that, you morons ? This is why we're getting killed in the marketplace !
4.25sInstead of listening to what people want, you're tellin' em what they want.
3.25sHomer, I need your help.