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1.17sAnd now, sports.
1.5sOver here, honey.
1.9sI'm chopping carrots for a salad.
1.43sHere. Use this headlamP.
1.12sHEy, Where's the kidS?
3.09sUpstairs, doing their homework by candlelighT.
1.47sDamn pig-dog Americans!
1.9smessing with my family like thIS!
1.18sHoney, we can't bathe,
2.04sWe can't do laundry. There's no heat.
2.07sWe can't live like this forevER.
2.9sIt's not forever. You know, it's just, uh...
1.2sIt's juSt, uh...
1.2sPeter, I'm up here.
1sOh, Sweetie.
3.05sMaybe you should go over to Joe's and return his pool, huh?
1.7sForget it! We're a real country.
2.9sAnd we deserve all the rights and privileges that everyone else getS.
2.64sBut we have to think about the welfare of our children! Uh...
1sStewie, is that you?
1.58sLook, Lois. my mind is made up.
1.77sI'm not giving up an inch of Petorian soiL.
2.13sIt's not a sign of weakness to compromise.
1.38sI just think you should...
1.77sPeter, stop staring at my chest!
2.07sOh, yeah. Sorry, Lois.