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2.1sI'm gonna buy us something we've always wanted.
1.25sA cat?
0.9sA stereo?
0.72sA pool?
1.32sOh--oh, I'm sorry. It is a pool.
1.18sOh, Joy unbounded!
2.05sGo, Daddy!
0.07sI'll feed it and take care of it.
1.9sOh, my God! It's better than I thought!
2.22sAn Audi! I'm getting a car!
2.55sUh, Peter, there's a "t" in there. That says "Audit".
1.87sNo, Brian. It's a foreign car.
1.7sThe "t" is silent. Sweet!
1.02sI'm getting an Audi!
1.67si have an innie.
1.34sUh, Miss Stratford?
2.35sCome in, Mr. Griffin. Don't be nervous.
4.59sThe I.R.S. is much kinder and gentler than we used to be. You smell nice.
2.17sWhat? Oh, That must be you.
1.48sNo. It couldn't be me.
1.13sI just farted.
2.3sWell, I just have a few questions about your return.