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1.78sFidel, no running around the pool!
1.5sI say, I say, Ahmed.
3.54sWhat is that thing you people do when you're about to assassinate an infidel?
1.58sAh, You mean this?
1.57sOh, God. Yes, I love that.
2.75sThis is insanity!
2.08sWhoa, whoa, Whoa. where do you think you're going?
0.97sI've had enough.
3.1sYou can keep this filthy mess you call a country!
1.1sCome on, kids.
1.13sThis is treason!
2.12sOh, For God's sake, Peter, make an example of her!
2.54sNothing says "Obey Me" like a bloody head on a fence post.
1.85sLet's go. We're crossing the border.
2sGood-bye, President Griffin.
2.57sWell, Brian, at least you're loyal enough to stay with me.
1.9sAh, I've stuck by you through worse.