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1.9sI--I'm sorry. Were you just whipping me?
2.8sOr did I just, did I just get bit by a mosquito?
5.86sHey, Lois, if you happen to see the dungeon master, can you tell him his grandmother was just trying to work me over?
1.85sIt's time to call this whole thing off!
1.87sNobody's on our side!
1.92sAre you nuts? Look at all these telegrams.
1.27s"Nice going, Libya."
1.73s"You da man, North Korea."
1.28s"Great job, Iraq."
1.92sIraq, Lois! You know what?
2.74sI'm--I'm gonna invite a few of these fellas over for a party.
2.27sSee, Lois? I told you we had allies.
1.87sHey hey, Slobodan, you made it!
1.3sI didn't know what to bring.
0.93sSo I made coleslaw.
1.7sIt's made out of people!
2.24sJust kidding. Hey, is Muammar here yet?
1.7sYeah. He's over there with Saddam.
2.92sAnd then Jerry guessed that her name was "Mulva."