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4.02sit's got headphones, so I can watch my Steven Seagal movies without waking Bonnie.
2.63sYes! Lock and load! Lock and load!
1.9sBring on the pain!
3.02sI spent my refund on a plug- in Playmate.
1.27sSo, schoolteacher.
2.78sThat--That must be interesting.
2.3sWell, i-I'm getting something really special, too.
3.74sAnd--And by special, I don't mean special like that Klinemann boy down the street.
3.94sMore special like--like Special K, the cereal.
1.93sHey, What did they do with the regular K?
2.54sAnd for that matter, whatever happened to Kaye Ballard?
2.04sY-You know, if you said "mallard" and you had a cold,
1.23sit would sound like "Ballard".
1.63sDo you listen to yourself when you talk?
1.23sI drift in and out.
1.6syou know, Rupert, the word "gullible"
1.53sis not in the dictionary.
2.37sOh--oh, You don't believe me? Here. Look it up!
1.6sWhat? What's that? It really isn't?
2.5sOh, Rupert, touche!
1.67sHoisted by my own petard.