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3sYes, and from the look of those sweater cows, so can you.
1.27sGood morning, subjects.
0.97sWhat's for breakfast?
1.1sNothing, you idiot.
1.33sWe don't have any food.
2.1sPeter, this has gotten way out of hand.
1.8sLook at what we're reduced to!
2.74sOur own baby has to use newspapers for diapers!
1.92sNo, no. No, no. Thi--This is fine. One second.
2sI'm just about finished with Family Circus.
2.17sThere we are. Who did that, Jeffie?
1.63sNot me.
3.94sMy God. I haven't seen everyone this miserable since that time we were tortureD.
1.9sI--I'm sorry. Were you just whipping me?
2.8sOr did I just, did I just get bit by a mosquito?
5.86sHey, Lois, if you happen to see the dungeon master, can you tell him his grandmother was just trying to work me over?