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2.53sShut up, boy. Marge, what do you think?
2.64sIt's nice, but who is this woman?
2.03sRight now she's an out-of-work cocktail waitress,
2.75sbut she's going to be a country music superstar...
4.69slike that jerk in the cowboy hat and that dead lady.
2.8sI don't like you hanging around some waitress.
2.42sYou make it sound so seamy.
2.54sAll I did was spend the afternoon in her trailer...
2.07swatching her try on some outfits.
3.29sHi, Lurleen. We were just talking about you.
2.7sI think I can come over. Let me ask my wife.
1.48sIt's a date.
1.25sOh, Homer.
1.38sEverybody's been calling--
2.17sMama, Daddy, the triplets,
2.85sVonda Mae, Piney joe,