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2.8sThat's great, honey. Have you seen my rattlesnake hatband?
2.13sYou're not even listening to me.
1.48sSure they will.
3.22sKids, will you come in here?
3.7sYou've got a wonderful family, Homer.
3.1sPlease don't forget it when you walk out that door tonight.
2.48sUh, I gotta go.
2.27sAs much as I hate that man right now,
2.07syou got to love that suit.
2.2sHold on to your pitchforks, everybody.
4.14sIt's time again for Ya Hoo!
1.85sStarring, in alphabetical order,
2.7sYodeling Zeke, Butterball jackson,
2.45sFreddie Boy and Yuma, Cloris Moselle,
1.85sBig Shirtless Ron,
2.59sOrville and Hurley, Gappy Mae,
2.25sHip Diddler, Rudy,