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1.07sWell, good-bye.
3.67sUh, Homer, there's a hidden message to this song...
2.17sthat you may have missed.
1.37sReally listen.
4.52sBunk with me tonight Uh-huh.
5.26sBunk with me Tonight Right.
14.52sI'm asking Will you bunk With me tonight Lurleen! That's right, Homer J.
1.57sI gotta think about this.
2.27sAll our money's tied up in this woman.
2.2sIf she fails, we're broke.
2.17sIf she succeeds, I have no husband.
2.13sI don't know what to root for.
0.29sYou don't?
2.24sI gotta go.
2.03sLater, Marge. Lurleen's on TV tonight.
2.2sI gotta get ready.