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2.18sBloods on the Mobius strip.
2.44sWhen will these kids learns?
2.25s(SNIFFLES) So now what happens?
3sIt's the end of Planet Express and life as we know it.
2.6sWe're out of business unless we find a new crew!
1.97sYo, dawg, we're a crew.
1.57sWell, that solves that.
4.14sIf we're gonna be co-workers, I gotta be straight with you.
5.91sI've been emotionally scarred by years of unspoken verbal abuse.
4.05sI'm Zoidberg. Nice to meet you!
3.12sHey, Flatso, how do we get out of this two-bit dimension?
2.8sThere's a simple answer for that. We can't.
2.57s(ALL GASP) But on the upside,
5.27swe've got a whole dimension to explore with entirely different laws of physics.
3.34sWhy, watch what happens when I drop this marble.