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2.02sNot entirely.
3.09sAw, geez. We've been following him for hours.
4.17sYou know, with all the energy we're putting into this sabotage thing,
1.97swe could've written sonnets for our wives...
3.67sor learned to tango or lovingly restored one of those antique--
2.77sWhew! Well, at least I got a hunk of Moe's hair.
1.53sMan, that smarts!
3.82sOh, baby! We got him now! There's no escape from the airport.
2.38sOh, nuts! We lost him.
2.7sI told you we shouldn't have gone for long-term parking.
2.44sHey, look! It's Elton john!
3.37sWe had to make an emergency landing. It's that damn chandelier again.
2.37sWhat's he doing in Springfield?