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4.89sMy shameful neglect has made her feel unloved. Now I fear she will leave me.
3.32sOh, she's not gonna leave you right before Valentine's Day.
3.84sThat would be like going to an air show and leaving before the plane crash.
1.7sOh, you are right.
2.23sThere are still seven days before Valentine's.
3.25sAh. Seven chances to prove my love for sweet Manjula.
3.05sSweet mint julep.
1.73sI'll be at Moe's.
1.94sCome on, boy. Come on!
3.67sDad, the vet says we shouldn't make him fetch the Sunday paper.
1.77sGood dog!
1.9sGood doggie!
3.34s"Tax Hike Approved"? Bad dog. Bad, bad dog.