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2.34sPapier-mÂchÉ mix, pipe cleaners,
3.27spig intestines and sparkle paint.
1.94sYou're a lifesaver, Apu.
4sAll the other stores are closed. At 11:30?
4.57sBut this is the peak hour for stoned teenagers buying shiny things.
4.05sIt's a living mirror. Cool hat!
1.8sWell, I'm glad you're always here.
2.27sBut isn't it a little rough on your marriage?
1.53sYou know, Manjula understands.
4.6sI told her that endless toil is the only true path out of this jerkwater burg.
3.5sWell, when you have a free night, we'd love to have you two over for dinner.
1.73sOh, please. Do not be insane.
4.17sYou hosted our wedding. The least we can do is have you over for dinner.
3.97sIt is payback time, and this time it's personal.
3.9sWow! That looks great, Mom. Some of your best work.
3.39sOh! It sounds so real.
2.07sI didn't turn it on yet.