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1.67sI'm starting to get pretty desperate.
2.5sOkay, just remember to act confident. You're gonna do great.
2.14sYou look real grown up.
3.04sUh, yes, I'd like to buy some alcohol, please.
1.37sOkay, can I see your ID?
1.73sI don't have one.
2.53sYou don't? No, it's me, Chris.
1.07sOh, hey, Chris.
2.53sHey, Carl. Can I buy some alcohol?
2.3sNo. Oh, okay.
1.7sHey, you know what's a great movie?
1.07sThe Reaping?
3.7sYeah. Why are you dressed like John Lithgow?
3.44sWell, if you ask me, I think laying off the sauce could do you some good, Brian.
2.33sYeah, right. If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen.
2.77s(SIGHS) I hope he finds faith of some kind.
2.63sYou know who doesn't have all these problems? Marmaduke.
2.24sAll he does is eat pies off the high counter.
3.3sNext time around, we're gonna get ourselves a big, tall, pie-eating dog, Lois.
1sOkay, Peter.
2.2sOr Howard Huge. Let's get Howard Huge.
1.83sGreat. We have a game plan.