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2.03sProbably just a random act of violence.
2.94sI thought only he without sin could cast the first Prius.
3.24s(PEOPLE CLAMORING) Oh, my God! That was a close one.
2.67sBrian, what happened? I'm a pariah, Lois.
1.73sEver since Meg told everyone I'm an atheist,
2.03sI'm the most hated person in town.
1.77sI tried to rent a movie and they threw me out.
2.3sI tried to buy a pack of cigarettes and they threw me out.
3.1sBut the most serious part of it is no bar would serve me a drink.
1.67sI'm starting to get pretty desperate.
2.5sOkay, just remember to act confident. You're gonna do great.
2.14sYou look real grown up.
3.04sUh, yes, I'd like to buy some alcohol, please.