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1.43sYou should get William Shatner to sign them for you.
2.43sNo way. I'm getting Patrick Stewart to sign it.
1.67sPicard has it all over Kirk.
2.87sHe's poised and measured and doesn't wear a cheap rug.
3.54sRather, he accepts even baldness with a quiet cool that says,
7.17s"I am in command. You are safe with me. I will cradle you in my arms "through any crisis in any galaxy."
2.1s- Are you queer? - Probably.
2.5sDad, this is stupid. I'm so bored.
2.37sHow can you be bored? This convention has everything.
2.57sYou can even try on LeVar Burton's VISOR.
4sWhy would he wear these? Who would invent these for him?
5.37sAnd in conclusion, whether your dreams are earthbound or set in the stars,