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2.03sI want a hot dog. I want a milkshake...
1.8sYou'll get nothing and like it.
1.83sUh, hello? MAN: Yes. Welcome to McDonald's.
2.07sCan I help you? Hailing frequencies open, huh?
1.64s(LAUGHING) Okay. Yeah.
3.14sWe're gonna get two McChicken sandwiches, and a Diet Coke.
2.41sAnd what do you want, Michael?
0.63sA McDLT.
2.24sNo. I already told you they don't make those anymore.
2.7sYou know, sometimes it's a regional thing. You could ask.
3.14sNo McDonald's anywhere makes a McDLT anymore.
1.6sI'd love a Shamrock Shake, if they've got any of those.
1.37sIt's September, Jonathan.
2.27sStewie, can I take this goddamn headband off?
2.34sNo, LeVar. You're blind. That's the only way you can see.
2.27sI'm just saying they have all the ingredients for a...
2.87s(CAR HORN HONKING) Just hang on, all right? There's a lot of us in...
1.67sThere's a lot of... It's a big order.
1.6sWhat time do they stop serving breakfast?
1.13sIt's 3:00.
1.47sSome of them serve breakfast all day.
1.67sNone of them serve breakfast all day.
1.27sDo they have beer?
0.83sHey, Brian.
1.97sIn hopes that you'll open your heart to God,
1.57sI wanted to give you this cross.
1.33sNo, I don't want a crucifix.
2.54sWould you want it if I threw it over there?