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2.84sI mean, I never go to church. You know how I feel about that.
2.87sNo. Brian, it's one thing to bash organized religion,
4.17sbut we believe in God in this house. I mean, an atheist?
2.44sThat's just about the worst thing a person can be.
2.94sYou're not gonna get anything for Christmas, Brian.
1.07sGuys, I'm just trying to say...
1.57sShut up, beast.
2.84sI have dominion over you. And I command you to believe in God.
2.4sI'm sorry. I just don't see any evidence.
1.7sI mean, look at the Hubble Telescope.
3.64sIt's discovered untold wonders of a vast, unexplored universe,
3.37sbut not one picture of a guy with a beard sitting around on a cloud.
1.33sI mean, what's he doing up there?
2.54sYou know, you keep talking like that, God's gonna get you, Brian.
1.9sHe's gonna get you with the Kodak Disc.
5sOh, God's gonna get you with the Kodak Disc I'm sorry. What were we talking about?
2.23sHey, where the hell is my van?