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2.37sI've transported you all here against your will.
3.04sI'm a huge fan, and you're going to answer all my questions.
1.5sBut you're a baby.
1.93sYes. That's right, Denise Crosby.
4.27s(ALL GASP) That was a warning. Please do not speak unless you're spoken to.
1.84sNow, question number one.
1.47sWhat's it like on the set?
2sThe show's been off the air for 15 years.
2.27sAlthough I will say it was an awful lot of fun.
2.34sYou know, when Patrick wasn't hogging the limelight.
1.37sOh, fuck you, Michael!
2.37sFifteen years later you've still got that attitude.
2.94sOh, my God, I am already having a fantastic time.
2.17sOoh! Hey, let's spend the day together.
1.87sHey, that sounds like fun. Ow!
0.9sShut up, Wil.
1.5sStop it, Patrick.
1.77sYou know, I think you should all be nicer to Whil Wheaton.
2.54sThe way I treat my colleagues... Wait, what?
1.8sI said you ought to be nicer to Whil Wheaton.
1.73sYou mean Wil Wheaton? Yes, Whil Wheaton.
1.27sWhy are you saying it like that?
1.44sWhat? I'm just saying you should be nicer to Whil Wheaton.
1.4sWhil Wheaton seems like a nice guy.
1.53s- Say "wheat." - Wheat.
2.07s- Now say "Wil Wheaton." - Whil Wheaton.
1.17s- Wil Wheaton. - Whil Wheaton.
1.27s- Wil Wheaton. - Whil Wheaton.
1.23s- Wil Wheaton. - Whil Wheaton.