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3.44sAnd, you know, they say you're supposed to go right, B, up, dodge, left, uppercut...
2.6s(CHUCKLES) Listen to me telling you how to play the game.
3.4sHey, you want to see a sweet porn website? Follow me upstairs.
2.3sI know what you're thinking, "Whoever heard of an erotic Chinese?"
1.17sBut there it is.
1.47sAll right. Let's try this again.
3.5s(ALL MURMURING) It's them! I did it!
2.53sThe cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is here to answer my questions.
1.4sWhat the hell? Where am I?
1.3sWhat's going on?
2.37sGreetings, everyone. My name is Stewie Griffin.
2.37sI've transported you all here against your will.
3.04sI'm a huge fan, and you're going to answer all my questions.
1.5sBut you're a baby.
1.93sYes. That's right, Denise Crosby.
4.27s(ALL GASP) That was a warning. Please do not speak unless you're spoken to.
1.84sNow, question number one.
1.47sWhat's it like on the set?
2sThe show's been off the air for 15 years.
2.27sAlthough I will say it was an awful lot of fun.