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3.24sfollow your heart and make it so.
3.04s(EXCLAIMING) He said the thing he says on TV!
3.67sNow the cast and I would be happy to answer a few questions.
1.5sYes, so many questions!
3.84sMe! Me! Mr. Stewart! Mr. Stewart! Mr. Stewart! Mr. Stewart!
2.34sStu! Stu! Stu!
1.07sYes, you there.
2.67s(GROANS) Yes, I have a question.
3.9sOftentimes my household sponges accumulate an awful amount of buildup.
1.77sWhat can I do to prevent this?
5.87sThat's an excellent question. It's very important to thoroughly wring out your sponges after every usage.
3.1sThis will prevent the accumulation of grime and bacteria.