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1.5sWell, to be honest, I lied for booze.
1.6sBut, Meg, you're a smart girl.
2.27sYou ought to be able to see that what's going on here is wrong.
2.73sYou are not gonna turn me from my faith, Brian.
2.44sOkay, fine. Then let me just ask you this.
1.53sIf there were a God,
3.54swould he have put you here on Earth with a flat chest and a fat ass?
2.3sI'm made in his image.
3.84sWould he give you a smoking hot mom like Lois and then have you grow up looking like Peter?
3.8sAnd what kind of God would put you in a house where no one respects or cares about you,
2.77snot even enough to get you a damn mumps shot?
1.2sOh, no!
2.87sYou're right, Brian. You're right.
1.13sI'm sorry, Meg.
2.57sBut what is there to believe in without God?
1.8sWhere do the answers come from?
1.87sWell, that's all part of the human experience.