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2.4s(SIGHS) Thanks for setting everyone straight, Meg.
4.6sI feel the warm, healing, liquid presence of God's genuine, cold-filtered grace.
1.8sIt was my pleasure, Brian.
3.27sAnd now we get to do the work of the Lord.
1.8sCome on. What? What are we doing?
1.6sGod's will, Brian.
1.03sA book burning?
1.67sCome on. Grab an armful.
2.87sWe have to destroy everything that's harmful to God.
2.17sMeg, I can't be a part of this. And neither should you.
3.07sWhat are you talking about? I thought you'd seen the light, Brian.
1.5sWell, to be honest, I lied for booze.
1.6sBut, Meg, you're a smart girl.
2.27sYou ought to be able to see that what's going on here is wrong.
2.73sYou are not gonna turn me from my faith, Brian.
2.44sOkay, fine. Then let me just ask you this.
1.53sIf there were a God,
3.54swould he have put you here on Earth with a flat chest and a fat ass?
2.3sI'm made in his image.