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1.03sAll right, everybody got your bowling shoes?
1.1sEverybody got your balls?
1.17sI don't have my shoes.
1.07sJonathan, we were just up at the counter.
1.33sWhy didn't you get your shoes?
1.73sI don't have my shoes, either. What the hell?
1.44sYou need your shoes to bowl.
2.44sNow, why exactly can I not wear my loafers?
1.37sWhat is the danger there?
3.3sBecause, Patrick... Because, Patrick, those are the rules.
3.67sWell, I think it's just because they want another $1.50 from me.
1.5sAll right, I'm putting our names in.
1.63sBrent. No, no. Don't put Brent.
2.8s(GROANS) Put Rock Kickass.
1.67sI don't know how to change it. I already typed it in.
1.13sFor mine, put Dirk Diggler.
1.7sI'm not gonna put everyone as a fake name.
1.3sHow do you want to do the teams?
1.83sHow about the white guys against the black guys?
1.17sPatrick, don't be an instigator.
2.84sI have to pee. Brent, take Michael to the bathroom, please.