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2.24sAll he does is eat pies off the high counter.
3.3sNext time around, we're gonna get ourselves a big, tall, pie-eating dog, Lois.
1sOkay, Peter.
2.2sOr Howard Huge. Let's get Howard Huge.
1.83sGreat. We have a game plan.
3.34s(SIGHS) Hold it together, Brian. Hold it together.
2.2sCome on. You know you want a drink.
2.24sYeah, come on, Brian, drink us.
3.07sCome on, drink me. What are you waiting for?
1.57sYeah, you big silly ass.
2.87sJust wrap your lips around me and take a big gulp.
1.74sGet to the chopper.
1.03sAll right, everybody got your bowling shoes?
1.1sEverybody got your balls?
1.17sI don't have my shoes.
1.07sJonathan, we were just up at the counter.
1.33sWhy didn't you get your shoes?
1.73sI don't have my shoes, either. What the hell?
1.44sYou need your shoes to bowl.
2.44sNow, why exactly can I not wear my loafers?
1.37sWhat is the danger there?