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1.9sLook, it's an endangered species. What am I supposed to--
1.77sI'll make you an endangered sPEciEs!
1.2sOh, oh, Good comeback, Potsie!
1.77sI'll kick your ass, that's what I'll do!
3.2sLook, everybody just shut up! shut up! He has stopped squawking.
1.57sHe has receded into my beard.
2.52sWe can all watch the movie. Shut up.
1.37sEric, if you're in here,
1.8swe're all going to Marty's after the movie.
1.87sAh, I love you so much.
2.3sI love you, too, honey.
1.27s- What's wrong? - Ahh!
1.99sNow, That's it. You're history, pal.
2.64sNo bird frenches my wife and gets away with it!
2.57sHeLp! Help! I've broken my hiP!
1.27sOw! Ow! Ow!
1.9s5.3 seconds.
1.55sI could have been dead by now!
2swhat, you mean--You mean, you're not really--
2.87sI heard you drop that light bulb, too. That'll be 67 cents!
2.02sNow, go warm me up some of that diarrhea soup!
2.32sThat's it! I have had it with you, you old hag!
1.35sY-y-You're just a--a miserable,
3.9sdried-up shut-in trying to make everyone else feel as bad as you do!