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0.75sWhere? here?
0.9sNo. Other side.
1.03s- O-Over here? - The left side.
0.93sR-Right here?
1sYour other left side.
0.93s- Oh. - Up a little.
1s- Do I have it? - Up a little.
1s- Is it gone? - Now go down.
1.38sIs it gone?
2.08sget it off! Get it off! Get it off!
1.28sPeter, hold still! hold still!
1.5sWait, Don't touch that bird!
1.15sWhat's it to you, pal?
6.44sI'm Dr. Goodman of the quahog Ornithological Society ironically dining in a restaurant that exclusively serves poultry.
1.12sDoctor, what is this?
1.93sOh, It's a very rare species.
2.1sThe endangered White-Rumped Swallow.
1.77sThis isn't funny, Chris!
1.88sLook, Just get rid of this bird, all right?
1.47sUnfortunately, I can't do that.
2.3sOnce the swallow has chosen its nesting place,
1.63sit's illegal to disturb it.
2.59sBut He can't walk around with a bird in his beard.
5sI'm sorry, You have to wait until the bird departs of its own accord or you'll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
2.29sWow! You sure know a lot of stuff.
1.18sIt's great to learn.
1.37sBecause knowledge is power!