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2.44sI'd rather be alone than with someone who doesn't get me
2.97soh, and How long has the coffee been on the burner in the kitchen?
2.3sI could really use a cup about now
2.7soh, It's not very fresh, you see, I meant to make more
2sbut I made the mistake of getting caught up
2.07swatching Oprah, she had on James Garner
1.37sJames Garner? What's he plugging?
2.38sI don't know, some crappy movie on T.N.T.
0.78sVery good, Jonas.
2.17sI'll see you next week. So What is it, Brian?
2.05sYou don't think these women understand you or--
3.94syou know, Lois, i'm--I'm really not comfortable talking about this a-melodically.
1.53sPeter, I was wondering if you could--
4.47sShh. H-h-hang on-- Hang on a second, Lois And now back to The Life and times of Grizzly Adams.
1.7sUm, Grizzly?
1.17sWho's Steve?