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1.27sI'm not nothing.
2.97sAll my life, everyone's called me nothing.
2.89sYou have a boil on your butt that sings show tunes with you?
2.3sDon't look at me. I'm a freak.
2.48sNo, no, well...
2.98sI've been ashamed of Susan as long as I can remember.
2.17sYou named your boil Susan?
4.12sA boil kinna have a name? They also said a boil kinna sing, but...
5.6sAmazing grace How...
1.82sEw! She's Scottish.
3.62sI lance her every few months, but she always grows back.
3.37s(WEEPING) It's hard enough being a Cyclops,
3.85sbut if anyone found out about Susan, I'd be devastated.
10.11sAmazing grace How... Whoa! Gross. Million-follower gross.