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2.32sIt's a very special computer virus,
2.04sfor instead of infecting computers,
3.55sit infects the human brain.
1.68sI like it.
9.36sThe million followers will become an army of zombies eager to obey my every command! (LAUGHING) The important thing is, we're a family.
1.37sNo, it's not!
4.64s(MR. CHUNKS SNEEZES) Ew! He sneezed in it.
1.72sOh, God, I'm going to lose the bet.
3.07sI'm gonna have to swim in the juice of the Puke-Me-Poop-You.
3.17sDon't give up. You just need more titillating twits.
1.67sTrust me, I want twits that tittle.
2.2sThen you're gonna have to sink to Bender's level.
1.83sStop acting like the Queen of England.
5.05s(WOMAN SINGING) Who's that? The Queen of England?
4.3sExcuse me. I have to... Someplace.
2.3sThat was odd. Where'd that singing come from?
3.37sIt wasn't the goat. All of its orifices are in use.